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Fire & Smoke Damper Testing

Fire & Smoke Damper Testing Specialists in Kent

Fire and smoke dampers play a critical part of the fire protection system. They must comply with the fire regulations in accordance with BS9999, inspection should be carried out periodically or yearly. It is your responsability to make sure this is carried out, if there was a fire then you could be prosecuted.

All commercial duct work systems have fire and smoke dampers. It is now a legal requirement to have them inspected and tested at least once a year. They are put in place so if there was a fire they will close down at 76 Degrees containing the fire in the duct work from spreading.

Fire and smoke damper testing can only be done by qualified and accredited fire damper inspectors.

Fire and damper inspection to include the following:

  • Manually release to ensure the integrity of the spring loaded shutter.
  • Cleaned and lubricated in the closed position.
  • Any damage or corrosion will be reported to the client.
  • Photographic evidence pre and post.
  • Explanation of failed operation reports.
  • Register to include damper location number and ID number.
  • Dampers will be opened and then reset.
  • Test results with client information, position in the building, technicians name and any further comments and remedial action.

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